Sunday, April 3, 2011

Questions for The Westboro Baptist Church

I've read several interviews online and heard interviews on the news that the Westboro Baptist Church has given. I've heard them answer questions from the counter-protesters as they picket funerals. All of them have been lacking something. As a former newspaper editor and life-long nosy person, I have some questions I have never heard them ask. In fact, I don't have any information from the Westboro Baptist Church that would answer my questions. I'd love to have answers to these questions:

Souls Saved - How many people has the Westboro Baptist Church led to Christ in the past 30 days? In the past 60 days? In the last six months? In the last year? I want to know how many people they have come across that were lost in sin and, after having contact with the Westboro Baptist Church, gave their heart and lives to God and are now on their way to Heaven. That is the goal of all Christians - to add souls to the Kingdom of God and make sure there are as many names written in the Lamb's Book of Life as possible. Does the Westboro Baptist Church offer a "new convert ministry to these new Christians - a ministry that gives them Bibles for their own use, a Bible study for those who are new Christians that will help them understand God and grow their faith? As a Christian, I know there is nothing as wonderful as leading someone to Jesus - knowing that just a moment ago that person was dying in sin and now has eternal life through Jesus.

Crisis Pregnancy Counseling -  I want the Westboro Baptist Church to tell me about their crisis/unwanted pregnancy counseling ministry. How many of the members of the Westboro Baptist Church counsel women and girls who are facing an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy as well as the men and boys in their lives? Do they have a clothes closet that has maternity clothes and baby clothes for the mothers who decide to not to take the lives of their unborn babies? Is there a place where these mothers can get the essentials to help with their babies such as diapers, lotion, baby shampoo and the like? What about baby formula for those who choose not to breastfeed? Is there a fund that helps the mothers pay for pre-natal care? How does the general public donate to these specific ministries of the Westboro Baptist Church?

Post-Abortion Counseling - Does the Westboro Baptist Church have a post-abortion counseling program? How does the Westboro Baptist Church go about helping women who have had abortions deal with their regret, pain and sadness over the loss of their child - due to a choice they made? Is this ministry of the Westboro Baptist Church only for women or do they also have a post-abortion counseling program for men as well? How does the Westboro Baptist Church go about explaining that God's love and forgiveness is bigger than any and all sins that have been committed in the past. Project Rachel is a post-abortion counseling program I have helped with and I am curious if Westboro Baptist Church has anything like it. How does the general public donate to this specific ministry of the Westboro Baptist Church?

Church Growth - How much has the Westboro Baptist Church grown in the past three months? In the past year? Of these new and active member of the Westboro Baptist Church, how many are new Christians that the church led to Jesus themselves? Are there entire families members joining the Westboro Baptist Church? What type of programs are available to the new members of the Westboro Baptist Church?

For me, these are the questions I want answers to. I don't particularly care about how the Westboro Baptist Church formed their extreme views or where the next funeral will be that they plan to protest. I want to know what they are doing to share God's love and forgiveness with a world that is lost. We all hear about what the Westboro Baptist Church is doing during their protests. There must be more to their church just that.

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  1. You guys are Fucking bat shit crazy protesting funerals and other solemn events,you people should be all line up in front of mass grave &shot then covered &buried like cattle, you shoe folks around the world just how ignorant a group of people can be. One the worst things you are doing now is brainwashing your kids into believing this crap and raising another generation of racist. So carry on doing what you do &one day some of us are going to come along and really FUCK YOUR DAY UP !!!!